Yahoo messenger in php

One of my articles was Yahoo Messenger Client with Action Script 3 now i will show you how to write a yahoo messenger application in php. The script flow its exactly like code from action script because its connect to the same yahoo messenger protocol. For binary working i used a zend package ( Zend_Io ).  The implementation of  yahoo messenger in php its very simple, use only minimal 6 base classes.

  1. ChallengeResponseV16 – Used to make the authentification
  2. Network – Used to communicate trought the socket
  3. Packet – Keeps human readable packet info
  4. PacketBody – Keeps human readable packet body info
  5. Protocol – Builds packets, make login and other yahoo messenger protocol implementation
  6. Service – Keeps constants with services provided by protocol

Try the yahoo messenger in php or download the source code


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