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Zend Framework 2 Assets loader module

I recently released a module for zend framework 2, a module which helps you to automatically load assets like css, js, images and other types. All assets are filtred with […]

PHP Dependency Injection

Simple but powerfull dependency injector based on phpdoc. It maps classes and instances into a injector instance. To inject classes and instances into a object instance just call the $injector->injectInto($instance);. […]

Using nodejs to read counter strike server info

NodeJs is a very powerfull tool for creating server side applications. Nodejs is a event-driven I/O JavaScript environment based on V8, wich is the engine for the chrome browser and is […]

Yahoo Messenger Client with Action Script 3

Hello everyone, as I said, my next article is about how to create a Yahoo Messenger client. I quit do the client in PHP due to loop running problems and […]

Using amf in flex

Hi everyone! My name is Cosmin Albulescu and this is the first time I’m posting on my blog. I’ve been working as a web developer for about 6 years, using […]