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Reasons to use ES6 for Angular 1.5 applications

First of all the current version of JavaScript ( ES5 ) is quite old, it was released on December 3, 2009 and was used for 7 years and of course she […]

Zend Framework 2 Assets loader module

I recently released a module for zend framework 2, a module which helps you to automatically load assets like css, js, images and other types. All assets are filtred with […]

PHP Dependency Injection

Simple but powerfull dependency injector based on phpdoc. It maps classes and instances into a injector instance. To inject classes and instances into a object instance just call the $injector->injectInto($instance);. […]

Using nodejs to read counter strike server info

NodeJs is a very powerfull tool for creating server side applications. Nodejs is a event-driven I/O JavaScript environment based on V8, wich is the engine for the chrome browser and is […]

Yahoo messenger in php

One of my articles was Yahoo Messenger Client with Action Script 3 now i will show you how to write a yahoo messenger application in php. The script flow its exactly […]

Web application versioning when using Zend Framework

This is a simple way to versioning a zend framework application using just two files, a ini file that keeps the current version and a proxy/model file wich load the […]

jQuery apear plugin

Simple jquery plugin used to trigger a function when a specific element apears on viewport, this callback is trigged one time. This plugin is very useful when you what to […]

Working with JSON RPC from javascript

JSON-RPC is lightweight remote procedure call protocol similar to XML-RPC. Its very simple and its used by alots of web applications at least json wich is very used in modern applications. […]

Improve Zend Framework application speed by separate static content and using Zend_Cache and Zend_View for static files

Introduction Why doing this, the reason is simple. We dont need to process all static files in our framework, because this increase loading time of your application. The ideea is […]

Invisible detector made to be simple and user friendly

Today is live and is more user friendly and fast then last version. Yesterday i refused to go to club and I decided to restore design to I have made ​​it much easier to use and much faster, the results are now […]